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my beautiful babes

people ask me all the time when i’m going to post recent photos of my kids… have you met my kids in front of my camera? with the exception of ella, claire and beck are turds.  claire-bos eyes shift back and forth, she literally cannot look straight into my camera,  i have to practically yell at her to “keep looking, keep looking, keep looking”. then there is the mr., when my camera goes up to my face, his hands go directly up to his face… niiiiiice.  i finally got one of him looking and smiling at me though, you have no idea how happy i am about this.  I’m going to do a whole post on just beck and him being a stinker.  so with great pleasure, i present ella, claire, and beck in oregon, 2011.

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Anna - Oh my...these are absolutely gorgeous! Your CHILDREN!

Lisa Benson - YAY YAY YAY! so glad you put these up!! So stunning, your children. beautiful pics kate!

Sherry Ward - So very artistic and unique. Love these! I truly admire your work and style.

Chellese Bunker - This makes me laugh. My kids are turds too! Little Holden (5) has the same inability to look at the camera as Claire. It's like he would lose his soul if his eyes met the lens! Impossible. Kate, these pictures are incredible. Your turds are gorgeous and you captured them so beautifully here. Congratulations!

Yvonne - Wow! All of them are so darling! I just can't believe how big they are. Beautiful pictures Katie!

april - These remind me of a photoshoot kiss the groom did! these are adorable!

kelli anderson - i loveeee these kate! beautiful children, beautiful photos.

ayley - THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN??? oh my gosh. i'm speechless. you are so talented. such a blessing to have you in the world!

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