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Happy Halloween 2009

Another great year!

by admin

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erin - kate, how adorable are they??!!! I am so impressed with their modeling skillz as well.

gd - I cannot stop giggling at that last one.

But all around, FANTASTIC costumes...your kids are so fun!!


rochelle - You can definitely tell where the kids get their sparkling personalities. They are so adorable, Katie! LOVE the owl.

Broadbent Family - Oh they are just way too cute! Beck is just too much--that last picture needs to be blown up! Your little girl is a mini YOU! they are adorable. Glad you had a fun Halloween. I can't wait to see our pictures!

Amber - That makeup is quite impressive! The pictures are wonderful. Great costumes!

Insightful Nana - Great photos... great kids.

I love the shots with the three poses. Very clever.


TJ - I don't know if you remember me, I'm a friend of Tyler and Lisa's and also Jarin and Jamie's.
I love to look at your blog, I think your photo's are amazing.
Today I couldn't resist commenting. Your kids are so dang cute, I love the personality and poses of your daughters. And that is the best owl ever.
Did you make the costumes? They are really cute.

Cindy - Katie Oh My Gosh I thought I had seen some cute costumes but those are AMAZING!!! Your little guys pictures made my day. Thanks for sharing these:)

Jen Grimshaw - Katie, the costumes are unbelievable! How do you do it?? Lisa is right though, you and mark belonged needed to have your own pictures! !

Laura - OMG those pics of beck with the glasses on... so freaking awesome.

Kate Benson - Thanks everyone... I adore Halloween, seriously. Lisa and Jen, I don't dare post the pic of me and Mark for fear that we'll get be-headed if caught, tee-hee-hee.

Traci - love them all! what great costumes!
i heart owls too!

map79 - Incredibly beautiful pictures! I love your style, the way you take group photos is very impressing. Be sure to let me know if you're ever in Norway ;)

Kiera - WONDERFUL!! The make up artistry is stunning. You have such gorgeous kids....seriously!!

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