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Danielle Maternity Shoot

I LOVE this shoot!!! First off Danielle was so, so easy to photograph. She is truly a classic beauty, pure and simple. Anybody recognize my most favorite film man? That’s right, it’s David Perry and this is his lovely family! I was totally honored when they asked me to do this for them, I mean do you even have any idea how many photographers David knows? Like a gazillion. So thanks guys for asking me! We really wanted to take these in an apple orchard because Danielle has craved apples her entire pregnancy, but by the time we could finally get together, all the apple orchards were bare… boo. I DO like the simplicity of the apples in the basket though, I think it gets the point across.
Thank you David, Danielle, and Drew Perry
Thank you Sam from Something Vintage Something Blue for such an awesome car!

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Tiff - Oh Kate these are gorgeous! I love them. I went with Bek last year for Danielle's 40th birthday pictures. What a beautiful pregnant woman. I can't stand how stunning she is. I love the shot of Danielle with David and their little boys in the car.

Tiff - I didn't mean to put boy(s) plural. Do you know what she is having?

Kate Benson - Thanks a ton Tiff... it's another BOY!

James Yvonne and Elise - I have said it before and I will say it again. You are an amazing photographer! I love this shoot, so classy and unique. Great work Kate

Jess - Kate every single last one of these are stunning.

Amy Leigh - Wow, so much variety. She's beautiful! I also loooved the shots you took of Rebekah Westover.

Lacey - Okay, seriously. These are beyond fabulous! And that is one gorgeous momma!

Jessica in Canada - These are so good; I love them all.

Nicolette - I've recently stumbled upon your work. I am a big admirer. Your work is so so so lovely. I love your work. I've fell in love with your last few posts. So gorgeous. Thanks for inspiring an aspiring photographer!

Nicole Anderson - Stunning,amazing,jaw dropping!

David Perry - Kate!!! We LOVE these!!! Just amazing. Easy to see why we chose the fabulous Kate Benson. Way to cross electric fences and hang out with hunters in the same field (seriously!). We can't thank you enough for these timeless images that we will truly cherish for years to come. Can't say enough how we love these pics. And on top of the art, you are an absolute sweetheart. Your bubbly personality and disarming laugh put everyone at ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
David, Danielle + Drew

Crave Photography - That last one is just stunning, but really this whole shoot has such a funky cool vibe! LOVE....

RememberWhen - WOW WOW WOW

Jeremy and Heidi - I love that one where she is sitting in the chair and the tall trees are behind her--it's gorgeous!

The Good Report - gorgeous colors...

And I got the orange and white duvet from CB2 last year. I don't think they have it anymore....bummer. but i loved it too because you never see anything like that. maybe you could find one on ebay????

rochelle - Choosing a favorite of these pictures is about as easy as choosing a favorite grain of sand on the beach, Katie. They are absolutely stunning. I love the tall trees, and the one with the soft hazy light in front of the car. Her little boy is beautiful.

Lesley - Kate, these photos are just stunning! I can't get over them, I so wish I was HER! Wow!

Anonymous - Wow, these are stunning!

Anonymous - Wow, these are stunning!


map79 - Excellent photos as usual, what a lovely family ;) Good job, Kate!

Tammy - These are amazing! I am Jessica's friend....and I occasionally peek at your photos. Wow!! I love so many of them. The girls shoes in the photos....I must know what brand and where she got them! Fantastic!

Insightful Nana - Wow... what a classy photo shoot. These are amazing shots. The combination of all the blue with the red apples is stunning.

You are the best! I'm so proud! Can I pop my buttons?

Lindsay - I'll admit I'm not generally a huge fan of maternity photos. My own pregnant belly freaks me out, let alone other people's. But you. . .you ROCK maternity photos. First Rebekah's. . now these. Truly, truly awesome.

Brittney Hale Photography - totally amazing!!! i love the style of this shoot- you are fabulous... and your subjects as well!

Anonymous - Neutral shoes are Sechelles. Aqua snakeskin shoes are Naughty Monkey (terrible name). Both from The Buckle.

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