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Monthly Archives: November 2007


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My house!

Forgive me for not posting in a while… I’m a bit overwhemled with everything at the moment, i.e. photography, Christmas, my house, being a wife, being a mother, being a homemaker, etc. WANTED: Priorities, where are you? I did post some family sessions below though, and many more are to come including two weddings. Honestly, […]

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The Bratt Family

What is up with blogger? I can’t seem to figure this thing out, and it’s starting to get on my nerves- aarrrrgh! My horizontal photos look like poop when I upload them… so please people, for all that’s good in blogger world, click on the horizontals to view them how they should be viewed.Okay, moving […]

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The McSpadden Family

Okay seriously? These kids need to be making some child labor dough with Abercrombie and Fitch or something of the sort. Talk about lookers… those eyes? Why can’t I have blue eyes? Why do I have to have boring old brown? Sure there’s a song about a brown eyed girl, but betcha a million bucks […]

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My Bros Familia

Meet my Brothers family (you may recognize them from last year) Brad, Martha, Norah, Lulu, and Abram. We did this shoot on a Sunday afternoon and the poor kids were done after say the first 5 shots?… they’ve probably seen aunt Katie make a fool of herself one too many times *yawn*-boooorrring, move on will […]

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The Borchert Family

This is Amberdee and her great little family. Amberdee works with Mark and wanted family photos this year so she called me… whaooo! These look awesome, and how cute are the kiddies? btw, a lot more family pics on the way… so keep watching mooooore to come.

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The Ames Family

Such a beautiful family, such a beautiful little girl, such a beautiful hour for family photos.

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Brooks’ Championship Football Game

This is my handsome nephew Brooks, Marks brothers son. He played in the 2007 championship 7th grade football game and their team won it!!! Their team was undefeated by the way… Congrats Brooks!, and thanks Jeff for having me photograph this event, is was fun.

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