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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Fun PUG night at Brody Dezembers studio

These photos are of the lovely Rebekah WestoverWe had a little photographers PUG meeting (PUG is for photographers who use Pictage, which I’ll be signing up with this week) and Brody had this great one light set up, so we pulled our model Rebekah in just to shoot for fun and experiment with the light. […]

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Holy Smokes… what a great, great bridal session. I have been dying to shoot at either the Salt Flats or the Sand Dunes. Knowing it’s January, we thought the Salt Flats would have too much snow so we opted for the Sand Dunes. As we were driving through Eureka, I spotted this little walk way […]

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Lisa is my sister in law so that makes Tyler Marks brother. These guys are fantastic! Lisa has danced (mostly ballet) since she was 8 years old and just stopped to have the baby. She was employed by odyssey dance companyand put our family in shock everytime we watched her perform… simply stunning! We took […]

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My little princess. Claire has a “thing” for my makeup recently, it’s probably because MAC has about the coolest colors available and although I don’t wear 90% of the eye shadows I buy, I sure like to look at them and so does this little girl. I have the shadows that are straight pigments so […]

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“Forget your troubles and just get happy Ya better chase your cares away!!”… la, la, duuubbi, duuubbi, duuubah, hey! Ah man Kim was such a trooper on this 15 degree bridal day. I mean just look how happy she looks and is! You would never think it was such a cold and bitter day, but […]

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TJ and JESSIE Engagements

TJ and Jessie are an amazing couple. These guys are my idols, seriously. Jessie is in medical school for family medicine and will soon be doing her residency. TJ is going for a PHD in glaciology, uh huh. They ski together, hike together, sea kyack together, travel the world together, and I am lucky enough […]

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Marcella and Lucas (which is one of my all time favorite boy names) are the most handsome couple. It went so quick, I hardly had to pose them. We had to re-schedule these engagements because they, like me, wrecked both their cars too. Which by the way, they totaled ours out and we got money […]

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Seriously, this was one of the funnest (funnest, is that a word?) weddings I’ve ever done. When I was at BYU, I had to do a cummunications class for my major and one of the classes I could take to fill the spot was a Newspaper photo class for the Daily Universe. My professor happened […]

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